DMC 115 Commercial Collection

Date:Aug 1992
A1 Snap Rhythm Is A Dancer
Remixed by Dakeyne
6:29 133 BPM
A2 Toytown Rave On
Mixed by The Playground Massive
1. Shaft 'Roobarb & Custard'
2. Urban Hype 'Trip To Trumpton'
3. Smart E's 'Sesame's Treat'
7:30 141 BPM
B1 Arrow Hot Hot Hot
Remixed by Rod Layman
6:12 120 BPM
B2 Shamen Coming On Strong
In The Mix with The Berserker
1. Shamen 'Progen (Move Any Mountain)'
2. Shamen 'Make It Mine'
3. Shamen 'Hyperral'
4. Shamen 'L.S.I.'
6:40 118-123 BPM