DMC 12 Tape 1

Date:Jan 1984
A1 Culture Club Megamix
1. Culture Club 'Time'
2. Culture Club 'I'll Tumble 4 Ya'
3. Culture Club 'I'm Afraid Of Me'
4. Culture Club 'It's A Miracle'
5. Culture Club 'White Boy'
A2 Breaks And Bridges Mix
1. Donald Byrd 'Love Had Come Around'
2. Leon Hayward 'Don't Push It, Don't Force It'
3. Level 42 'Turn It On'
4. Human League 'Don't You Want Me'
5. The Whispers 'And The Beat Goes On'
6. Chic 'Good Times'
7. Forrest 'Rock The Boat'
8. Sharon Redd 'Beat Thestreet'
9. N. V. 'It's Alright'
10. Shannon 'Let The Music Play'
B1 January Floorfiller
1. Dayton 'Sound Of Music'
2. World Premier 'Share The Night'
3. Lefturno 'Out Of Sight'
4. Eartha Kitt 'Where Is My Man'
5. Armenta 'I Wanna Be With You'
6. Sharon Redd 'You're A Winner'
B2 Classic Dancemix
1. Positive Force 'We Got The Funk'
2. Sharon Redd 'Can You Handle It'
3. Shalamar 'I Owe You One'
4. Central Line 'Walking Into Sunshine'
5. Chic 'Good Times'
6. Mcfadden & Whitehead 'Ain't No Stoppin Us Now'