DMC 14 Tape 1

Date:Mar 1984
A1 Thompson Twins The Megatwins
Megamix by Alan Coulthard
1. Thompson Twins 'Hold Me Now'
2. Thompson Twins 'Love On Your Side'
3. Thompson Twins 'The Gap'
4. Thompson Twins 'In The Name Of Love'
5. Thompson Twins 'Doctor! Doctor!'
14:25 110-118 BPM
A2 Hi-NRG Countdown
Megamix by Alan Coulthard
1. Dan Hartman 'Instant Replay'
2. Kofi & The Love Tones 'Countdown (Here I Come)'
3. Earlene Bentley 'I'm Livin My Own Life'
4. Dan Hartman 'Countdown'
5. Miquel Brown 'So Many Men'
14:57 130 BPM
B1 March Floorfiller
Megamix by Alan Coulthard
1. Mattew Wilder 'Break My Stride'
2. Elbow Bones & The Racketeers 'A Night In New York'
3. Queen 'Radio Ga Ga'
4. Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Relax'
5. Madonna 'Holiday'
6. Dayton 'Sound Of Music (Remix)'
7. Break Machine 'Street Dance'
8. Shannon 'Let The Music Play'
9. Rockwell 'Somebody's Watchin Me'
30:04 111-123 BPM