DMC 265 Club Cuts

Date:Feb 2005
A1 Kylie Vs Ultra Nate Free To Believe
Mixed by Guy Garrett
1. Kylie Minogue 'I Believe In You'
2. Ultra Nate 'Free'
3. Double Trouble And The Rebel Mc 'Street Tuff'
6:00 125 BPM
A2 Britney Vs Bobby Brown Their Prerogative
Mixed by Rod Layman
1. Britney Spears 'My Prerogative'
2. Bobby Brown 'My Prerogative'
6:20 124 BPM
B1 Spandau Ballet Gold (Re-Emphasised 12" Extension Mix)
Remixed by Mulu (Pro Tools by Porl King At Misery Lab).
6:49 145 BPM
B2 Lionel Richie All Night Long (All Night)
DMC Classic Remix / Remixed by Hustlers Convention
7:00 130 BPM