DMC 28 The Mixes

Date:May 1985
A1 Howard Jones Megamix
Megamixer: The Judge
1. Howard Jones 'Like To Get To Know You Well'
2. Howard Jones 'What Is Love'
3. Howard Jones 'Things Can Only Get Better'
4. Howard Jones 'New Song'
5. Howard Jones 'Pearl In The Shell'
9:10 99-124 BPM
A2 Doctor's Orders Mix
Megamixer: The Mix Doctor
1. Jenny Burton 'Bad Habits'
2. Indeep 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life'
3. Chaka Khan 'Eye To Eye'
4. Mass Extension 'Happy Feet'
5. Curtis Blow 'The Breaks'
6. Curtis Blow 'Partytime'
7. G.L.O.B.E. & The Whizz Kid 'Play That Beat Mr DJ'
8. Trouble Funk 'Pump Me Up'
9. Claire Hicks 'In The Bush'
10. Steve Arrington 'Feel So Real'
11. Samson & Delilah 'I Can Feel Your Love Slipping Away'
12. Haywood 'Roses'
15:10 105-115 BPM
B1 David Cassidy Romance
Lovemix / Megamixer: Sanny X
1. David Cassidy 'Romance'
2. Donna Summer 'Once Upon A Time'
3. Donna Summer 'Love To Love You Baby'
5:40 99 BPM
B2 Classic Rock Mix
Megamixer: Sanny X
1. ELO 'Don't Bring Me Down'
2. Pink Floyd 'Another Brick In The Wall'
3. Jimi Hendrex 'Purple Haze'
4. Led Zeppelin 'Black Dog'
5. Alice Cooper 'Billion Dollar Babies'
6. Jimi Hendrex 'Foxy Lady'
7. Derek & The Dominos 'Layla'
8. BTO 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'
9. Steve Miller Band 'Serenade'
10. Free 'All Right Now'
11. Rod Stewart 'Hot Legs'
12. Deep Purple 'Smoke On The Water'
13. Rainbow 'Since You've Been Gone'
14. City Boy ''
6:15 113-132 BPM
B3 Dance In May
Megamixer: The Judge
1. Dead Or Alive 'Lover Come Back To Me'
2. The Power Station 'Some Like It Hot'
3. King 'Won't You Hold My Hand Now'
4. ABC 'Be Near Me'
5. Go West 'We Close Our Eyes'
6. Bronski Beat 'I Feel Love'
7. Freddy Mercury 'I Was Born To Love You'
8. Madonna 'Material Girl'
13:00 126-140 BPM