DMC 300 Club Cuts

Date:Jan 2008
A1 Give It Up For The Drums (DJ Drum Track Cut-Up)
Mix Created by Rod Layman
1. Goodmen 'Give It Up'
2. Cozy Powell 'Dance With The Devil'
3. Sandy Nelson 'Let There Be Drums'
5:03 118 BPM
B1 Jump Around On The Horns (DJ Soundclash Mix)
Mixed by Guy Garrett
1. House Of Pain 'Jump Around'
2. Alex Gaudino 'Destination Calibria'
7:00 128 to 105 to 128 BPM
B2 Bedrock feat Kyo For What You Dream Of (Tomcat Remix)
Remix And Additional Production by Paul Goodyear For Tomcat Productions
9:03 126 BPM