DMC 333 Commercial Collection

Date:Oct 2010
1-01 Alexandra Burke Vs Bill Withers Vs Ace Of Base A Lovely Day Without You Booty
Mixed by Guy Garrett
1. Alexandra Burke 'Starting Without Me'
2. Bill Withers 'Lovely Day'
3. Ace Of Base 'The Sign'
4:44 90 BPM
1-02 Taio Cruz Vs Tim Berg Dyna-Bromance Mix (Two Tracker)
Mixed by Guy Garrett
1. Taio Cruz 'Dynamite'
2. Tim Berg 'Bromance'
3:49 128 BPM
1-03 Ne-Yo Nee-Yo! Closer To The Monster Mix! (Two Tracker)
Mixed by Rod Layman
1. Ne-Yo 'Beautiful Monster'
2. Ne-Yo 'Closer'
6:01 128 BPM
1-04 Tinie Tempah Choons!
Mixed by Kevin Sweeney
1. Tinie Tempah feat Labrinth 'Frisky'
2. Tinie Tempah 'Pass Out'
3. Tinie Tempah feat Eric Turner 'Written In The Stars'
6:26 89 to 90 BPM
1-05 X Factor Popdance (Including The Judges!)
Mixed by Kevin Sweeney
1. Cheryl Cole 'Parachute'
2. Jedward feat Vanilla Ice 'Under Pressure'
3. JLS 'Beat Again'
4. Leona Lewis feat Akon 'Forgive Me'
5. Alexander Burke feat Pitbull 'All Night Long'
6. Dannii Minogue 'I Begin To Wonder'
7. Diana Vickers 'Once'
8. Same Difference 'We R One'
9. Katy Perry 'I Kissed A Girl'
10. Olly Murs 'Please Don't Let Me Go'
10:09 120 to 134 BPM
1-06 Hot From The Club!
Mixed by Klubheadz
1. Alex Gaudino 'I'm In Love'
2. Axwell 'Nothing But Love'
3. Ian Carey feat Mandy Ventrice 'Let Loose'
4. Riva Starr 'I Was Drunk'
5. Afrojack Fe Eva Simons 'Take Over Control'
12:00 126 to 133 BPM
1-07 80s Killer Cuts Mega-Remix! (Part One)
Mixes And Additional Production by Steve Franklin
1. New Order 'Blue Monday'
2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Relax'
3. Dead Or Alive 'You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)'
4. Prince 'When Doves Cry'
5. Depeche Mode 'Just Can't Get Enough'
6. Landscape 'Einsteen A Go Go'
19:30 135 BPM
1-08 Mysterious Art The Omen (Ska House Mix)
DMC Classic Remix / Remixed by Ben Liebrand
8:59 117-100-117 BPM
2-01 Usher Vs Artful Dodger Usher Gets A Re-Rewind (Two Tracker)
Mixed by Guy Garrett
1. Usher 'O.M.G.'
2. Artful Dodger 'Re-Rewind The Crowd Say Bo Selecta'
6:53 130 BPM
2-02 Indeep Vs Candi Staton Last Night The DJ Got The Love Mix (Two Tracker)
Mixed by Rod Layman
1. Indeep 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life'
2. Source feat Candi Staton 'You Got The Love'
4:55 118 BPM
2-03 Taio Cruz Compact Dance
Mixed by Kevin Sweeney
1. Taio Cruz feat Kesha 'Dirty Picture'
2. Taio Cruz 'Break Your Heart'
3. Taio Cruz 'Dynamite'
4. Taio Cruz feat Tinchy Stryder 'Take Me Back'
5:33 122 to 124 BPM
2-04 Jamiroquai Mix
Mixed by Rod Layman
1. Jamiroquai 'Little L'
2. Jamiroquai 'Cosmic Girl'
3. Jamiroquai 'Love Foolosophy'
4. Jamiroquai 'Space Cowboy'
5. Jamiroquai 'Canned Heat'
6. Jamiroquai 'Deeper Underground'
7. Jamiroquai 'Virtual Insanity'
8. Jamiroquai 'Too Young To Die'
11:37 128 to 106 BPM
2-05 Superpop Mix (1)****
Mixed by Allstar
1. Usher 'Dj's Got Us Fallin In Love'
2. Jason Derulo 'What If'
3. Alexandra Burke feat Laza Morgan 'Start Without You'
4. Kylie Minogue 'Get Out Of My Way'
16:30 124 to 138 BPM
2-06 Superpop Mix (2)****
1. Olly Murs 'Please Don't Let Me Go'
2. Roll Deep 'Green Light'
3. 30H!3 Fe Kesha 'First Kiss'
2-07 We Built This City With 80's Rock'N'Roll (1)****
Mixed by Ren McCormack
1. Boy Meets Girl 'Waiting For A Star To Fall'
2. Jermaine Stewart 'We Don't Have To... Take Our Clothes Off To Have A Good Time'
3. Deacon Blue 'Real Gone Kid'
4. Prefab Sprout 'The King Of Rock 'N' Roll'
5. Aztec Camera 'Somewhere In My Heart'
21:50 120 to 134 BPM
2-08 We Built This City With 80's Rock'N'Roll (2)****
1. The B-52's 'Love Shack'
2. Jane Wiedlin 'Rush Hour'
3. Go West 'We Close Our Eyes'
4. Starship 'We Built This City'
2-09 Sister Sledge Thinking Of You (The Thought Process Remix)
DMC Classic Remix / Remixed by Steve Anderson
6:05 97 BPM

**** Leave On Continuous For Complete Mix