DMC 36 The Mixes

Date:Jan 1986
A1 Billy Idol Megamix
MegaMixer: Sanny-X
1. Billy Idol 'Hot In The City'
2. Billy Idol 'Love Calling'
3. Billy Idol 'White Wedding'
4. Billy Idol 'Dancing With Myself'
5. Billy Idol 'Flesh For Fantasy'
6. Billy Idol 'Rebel Yell'
5:21 113-177 BPM
A2 Beat The Judge
MegaMixer: Alan 'The Judge' Coulthard, Track Selection: John 'The Megastar' Saunderson
1. Sharon Redd 'Beat The Street (Remix)'
2. Human League 'Don't You Want Me'
3. Sharon Redd 'Love How You Feel'
4. Paul Hardcastle '19'
5. Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Relax'
6. Michael Jackson 'Billie Jean'
7. Michael Jackson 'Thriller'
8. Michael Jackson 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough'
9. Miami Sound Machine 'Dr Beat'
10. Freeez 'I.O.U.'
11. Shannon 'Let The Music Play'
12. Man Parrish 'Hip Hop Be Bop'
13. Rocker's Revenge 'Walking On Sunshine'
14. Sharon Brown 'I Specialise In Love'
15. Forrest 'Rock The Boat'
16. Steve Arrington 'Feel So Real'
17. Steve Arrington 'Dancing In The Key Of Life'
18. The Pointer Sisters 'Automatic'
19. Indeep 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life'
20:18 118-113 BPM
B1 Bogie Boogie Mix
MegaMixer: The Mixdoctor
1. Wally Badarou 'Chief Inspector'
2. Cartoon Crew 'Inspector Gadget'
3. Doug E Fresh 'La Di Da'
4. Doug E Fresh 'The Show'
5. Full Force 'Alice, I Want You Just For Me'
6. Kurtis Blow 'If I Rule The World'
7. Caprice '100%'
8. Strafe 'Comin' From Another Place (Beats)'
9. Aretha Franklin 'Who's Zoomin' Who'
10. Rochelle 'My Magic Man'
11. Sly & Robbie 'Make 'Em Move'
12. Lonnie Reaves 'Too Tough'
13. Colonel Abrams 'I'm Not Gonna Let'
14. Colonel Abrams 'Music Is The Answer'
15:42 101-120 BPM
B2 Hip Hop Mix
MegaMixer: Sanny-X
1. Doug E Fresh 'The Show'
2. Afrika Bambaataa 'Funk You'
3. The Krush Groove All Stars 'Krush Groovin'
4. Man Parrish 'Hey There Home Boys'
5. Art Of Noise 'Close (To The Edit)'
6. Afrika Bambaataa 'Looking For The Perfect Beat'
7. Sanny X & Perez 'Splashdown'
8. Club Rappers 'Axel F'
9. Kraftwerk 'The Robots'
10. Man Parish 'Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop)'
6:47 101-118 BPM