DMC 42 International

Date:Jul 1986
A1 Freeez I.O.U.
The Ultimate Remix by Ben Liebrand
7:37 106 BPM
A2 Midnight Star Headlines
Frontpage Mix by Rutger 'Rutti' Kroese
6:43 103.5 BPM
A3 On Broadway
MegaMixer: Robert Levy Provencal
1. Trouble Funk 'Still Smokin'
2. Nuance 'Love Ride'
3. Millie Scott 'Prisoner Of Love'
4. Skipworth & Turner 'Thinking About Your Love'
5. Jocelyn Brown 'Somebody Else's Guy'
6. Jocelyn Brown 'I Wish You Would'
7. Wally Badarou 'Chief Inspector'
8. Warp 9 'Master Of The Mix'
9. Gayle Adams 'I'm Warning You'
10. Donald Banks 'Status Quo'
11. THS 'Lady Shine'
12. The Concept 'Mr DJ'
13. Cashmere 'Can I'
10:17 111-121 BPM
B1 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer
Mix Hammer / Remixed by Dimitri 'The Kid' Yerasimos
7:21 96 BPM
B2 What Have You Mixed For Me Lately
MegaMixer: Orlando Voorn
1. Skyy 'Givin' It (To You)'
2. Silvia Smith 'Don't Wanna Be A Sometime Lover'
3. Cameo 'Single 'Bass' Life'
4. Cherrelle 'Artifical Heart'
5. George Clinton 'Do Fries Go With That Shake'
6. Janet Jackson 'What Have You Done For Me Lately'
7. King MC 'What Have I Done For You Lately'
8. Con Funk Shun 'Burnin' Love'
9. Pauli Carman 'Dial My Number'
10. Johnny Kemp 'Just Another Lover'
11. Johnny Dyne/I 'Rhythm Of Love (Dub)'
12. J.M. Silk 'Shadows Of Your Love'
13. Evelyn King 'High Horse'
14. Kraftwerk 'Home Computer'
7:43 110-115 BPM
B3 Sun-Bernt
MegaMixer: Baard 'Double B' Berntsen
1. Brian Auger 'Night Train To Nowhere'
2. Ray Foster 'Run To Me'
3. Martinelli 'Cenerentola'
4. Patrick Colby 'Mandrill'
5. Fluo 'Magic Mirror'
9:52 106-111 BPM