DMC 47 The Mixes 2

Date:Dec 1986
A1 Pop Mix Two 86
MegaMixer: Dakeyne
1. Art Of Noise 'Peter Gunn'
2. Janet Jackson 'Control'
3. Nick Kamen 'Each Time You Break My Heart'
4. Billy Ocean 'When The Going Gets Tough'
5. Whitney Houston 'How Will I Know'
6. On Paul 'My Favourite Waste Of Time'
7. Robert Palmer 'I Didn't Mean Turn You On'
8. Madonna 'Papa Don't Preach'
9. Jermaine Stewart 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off'
10. Kim Wilde 'You Keep Me Hanging On'
11. A-Ha 'The Sun Always Shines On TV'
12. Bananarama 'Venus'
13. Diana Ross 'Chain Reaction'
14. Sinitta 'So Macho'
15. F.Y.C. 'Suspicious Minds'
16. Communards 'Don't Leave Me This Way'
17. Bronski Beat 'Hit That Perfect Beat'
18. Wham 'The Edge Of Heaven'
12:47 122-154 BPM
A2 Rock Mix 86
MegaMixer: Sanny X
1. ZZ Top 'Sleeping Bag'
2. Meatloaf & John Parr 'Rock 'N' Roll Mercenaries'
3. Art Of Noise 'Peter Gunn'
4. Bon Jovi 'You Give Me A Bad Name'
5. Aretha Franklin 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'
6. Europe 'The Final Countdown'
7. Psychedelic Furs 'Pretty In Pink'
8. Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Warriors'
9. Iggy Pop 'Cry For Love'
10. Rolling Stones 'One Hit (To The Body)'
7:22 119-134 BPM
B1 Hip Hop 86
MegaMixer: Chad Jay
1. L.L. Cool J 'I Can't Live Without My Radio'
2. Lovebug Starski 'Amityville'
3. Kool Moe Dee 'Go See The Doctor'
4. Joe Ski Love 'Pee-Wee's Dance'
5. Jazzy Jeff & Eresh Prince 'Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble'
6. Beastie Boys 'Hold It Now, Hit It!'
7. DJ Scott La Rock 'South Bronx'
8. Just-Ice 'Cold Gettin' Dumb'
9. Run DMC 'My Adidas'
10. Beastie Boys 'It's The New Style'
11. Beastie Boys 'Time To Get Ill'
12. Real Roxanne 'Bang Zoom'
13. L.L. Cool J 'Rock The Bells'
14. Original Concept 'Can You Feel It'
15. Mantronix 'Ladies'
16. Mantronix 'Bassline'
17. Cut Master DC 'Brooklyns In The House'
18. Pretty Ricky & Boo-Ski 'It's Mine'
19. Whistle 'Just Buggin'
20. Schoolly-D 'Put Yourfila's On'
21. Original Concept 'Pump That Bass'
22. Run DMC 'Peter Piper'
23. Mac Attack 'Art Of Drums'
14:37 89-107 BPM
B2 Wham Last Christmas
This Christmas / Remixed by Dakeyne
5:49 106.5 BPM