DMC 60 The Mixes 1

Date:Jan 1988
A1 Donna Summer Megamix
MegaMixer: Dakeyne
1. Donna Summer 'Down Deep Inside'
2. Donna Summer 'Hot Stuff'
3. Donna Summer 'Bad Girls'
4. Donna Summer 'On The Radio'
5. Donna Summer 'I Feel Love'
6. Donna Summer 'Rumour Has it'
7. Donna Summer 'Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)'
8. Donna Summer 'Macarthur Park'
9. Donna Summer 'She Works Hard For The Money'
10. Donna Summer 'No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)'
11. Donna Summer 'Sunset People'
12:57 120-142 BPM
A2 Alexander O'Neal Criticize
Remixed by Ben Liebrand
7:22 116 BPM
B1 Who Mixed Who?
MegaMixer: Alan Coulthard
1. Michael Jackson 'The Way You Make Me Feel'
2. Alexander O'Neal 'Criticize'
3. Jellybean 'Who Found Who'
4. Bananarama 'I Can't Help It'
5. Rick Astley 'My Arms Keep Missing You'
6. Blue Mercedes 'I Want To Be Your Property'
7. Fleetwood Mac 'Family Man'
8. Pet Shop Boys 'Always On My Mind'
10:58 117-124 BPM
B2 Soul & Funk '87
MegaMixer: Mike Gray
1. Levert 'Casanova'
2. Curtis Hairston 'Chillin' Out'
3. Millie Scott 'Every Little Bit'
4. Stephanie Mills 'You're Putting A Rush On Me'
5. Fat Back Band 'I Found Lovin''
6. Joyce Sims 'Lifetime Love'
7. Lillo Thomas 'Sexy Girl'
8. Vesta Williams 'Once Bitten Twice Shy'
9. Donna Allen 'Serious'
10. Sherrick 'Just Call'
11. Cameo 'Back & Forth'
12. Luther Vandross 'I Really Didn't Mean It'
13. Alexander O'Neal 'Criticize'
9:37 96-116 BPM