DMC 63 The Mixes 1

Date:Apr 1988
A1 James Brown The Godfather
MegaMixer: Dakeyne
1. James Brown 'Funky Drummer (Bonus Beats)'
2. James Brown 'Soul Power'
3. James Brown 'Sex Machine'
4. James Brown feat. Afrika Bambaataa 'Unity'
5. Lyn Collins 'Think'
6. James Brown 'Give It Up, Turn It Loose'
7. James Brown 'Get Up Offa That Thing'
8. James Brown 'Living In America'
7:39 101-116 BPM
A2 Funk To Acid
MegaMixer: Les Adams
1. Terry Billy 'Don't Lock Me Out'
2. Richard Valentine 'Come Back Lover'
3. Simon Harris 'Bass (How Low Can You Go)'
4. Bomb The Bass 'Beat Dis'
5. Capella 'Bauhaus (Push The Beat)'
6. S Express 'Theme From S Express'
7. Ca-Sa '15 Minutes'
9:58 114-123 BPM
B1 Jackson 5 I Want You Back
Remixed by Dakeyne
5:24 98 BPM
B2 Taja Sevelle Love Is Contagious
Remixed by Ben Liebrand
6:00 111.5 BPM
B3 X Rated Hip Hop
MegaMixer: Sanny X
1. Derek 'Good Groove'
2. Eric B & Rakim 'I Know You Got Soul (Remix)'
3. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five 'Gold'
4. Kid 'N' Play 'Do This My Way'
5. Big Daddy Kane 'Raw'
6. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock 'It Takes Two'
7:32 104-107 BPM