DMC 80 Mixes 1

Date:Sep 1989
A1 Bat - Groove
Holy Remix Batman, Dakeyne has plugged into the Atomic Batteries in the Batcave. What can we do to save Gotham City!
6:00 122 BPM
A2 Dance Decade Volume 7 (1986)
Mixed by Bizzie Bee
1. Midnight Star 'Headlines'
2. Janet Jackson 'Nasty'
3. Timex Social Club 'Rumours'
4. Gwen Guthrie 'Ain't Nothin Goin On But The Rent'
5. Janet Jackson 'What Have You Done For Me Lately'
6. Cameo 'Word Up'
7. Farley Jackmaster Funk 'Love Can't Turn Around'
10:00 107-121 BPM
B1 Digital Underground Doowutchyalike
Mixedhowyalike by Chad J for Loud Productions, Slicedhowyalike by Edit Terrorists
7:05 109 BPM
B2 Sergio Mendes Mas Que Nada
One Smokey Evening At The Blue Note Club / Remix and arrangement by Steve 'Keys' Anderson
5:40 112 BPM
B3 Movie Madness
Mixed by Mike Gray
7:42 128-212 BPM