DMC 82 Mixes 1

Date:Nov 1989
A1 Gloria Estefan The Heartbreak Mix
Mixed by Bizzie Bee, Additional keyboards by Steve Browning
1. Gloria Estefan 'Anything For You'
2. Gloria Estefan 'Here We Are'
3. Gloria Estefan 'Don't Wanna Lose You'
4. Gloria Estefan 'Can't Stay Away From You'
7:33 74-80 BPM
A2 Dance Decade Volume 9 (1988)
Mixed by Mike Gray
1. Pasadenas 'Tribute'
2. Rob Base 'It Takes Two'
3. Bomb The Bass 'Beat Dis'
4. S. Express 'Theme From S. Express'
5. Inner City 'Big Fun'
6. Royal House 'Can You Party'
10:35 110-125 BPM
B1 Marshall Jefferson The House Music Anthem
Gotta Have House (The Anthemic Mix) / 89 Meltdown by Steve Anderson
6:45 121 BPM
B2 The Whispers And The Beat Goes On
Remixed by Sanny X
5:50 114 BPM
B3 Simon Harris feat. Einstein Another Monsterjam
Remixed by Simon Harris
6:00 122.5 BPM