DMC 87 Mixes 1

Date:Apr 1990
A1 Fine Young Cannibals Megamix
Megamixer: Bizzie Bee
1. Fine Young Cannibals 'She Drives Me Crazy'
2. Fine Young Cannibals 'I'm Not The Man I Used To Be'
3. Fine Young Cannibals 'I'm Not Satisfied'
4. Fine Young Cannibals 'Good Thing'
5. Fine Young Cannibals 'Ever Fallen In Love'
6. Fine Young Cannibals 'Johnny Come Home'
6:50 114-134 BPM
A2 Keyboard Gurus
Mixed by The Commission
1. Snap 'The Power'
2. Unique III 'Weight For The Bass'
3. Seduction 'Free Your Body'
4. Adamski 'Killer'
5. Max Q 'Sometime'
6. Masters Of The Universe 'Space Talk'
7. Guru Josh 'Infinity'
8:58 110-120 BPM
B1 Jay Williams Sweat
Remixed by Chad Jackson
7:30 120 BPM
B2 Sweet Exorcist Test Tone
Remixed by Mike Gray
5:45 126.5 BPM
B3 Tina Turner Megamix
Mixed by Sanny X
1. Tina Turner 'We Don't Need Another Hero'
2. Tina Turner 'What's Love Got To Do With It'
3. Tina Turner 'I Don't Wanna Lose You'
4. Tina Turner 'Simply The Best'
5. Tina Turner 'Let's Stay Together'
6. Tina Turner 'Typical Male'
7. Tina Turner 'Private Dancer'
6:55 99-116 BPM