DMC 94 Mixes 1

Date:Nov 1990
A1 Cure A Walk With The Cure
Mixed by Dakeyne
1. Cure 'The Walk'
2. Cure 'Inbetween Days'
3. Cure 'Love Song'
4. Cure 'A Forest'
6:38 129-164 BPM
A2 Blue Pearl Little Brother
String Of Pearls / Remix and additional production by Philip Kelsey
7:08 107 BPM
B1 Kylie Minogue Step Back In Time
The Big Shock / Remix, arrangement and additional instrumentation by Steve Anderson
6:31 122.5 BPM
B2 Kariya Let Me Love You For Tonight
Bass-ment Mix / Remixed by Dakeyne
5:50 118 BPM