DMC 99 Mixes 2

Date:Apr 1991
A1 Massive Attack Unfinished Sympathy
The Finished Symphony / Remix, additional production and instrumentation performed & engineered by Philip Kelsey
5:29 113.5 BPM
A2 Brothers In Rhythm Such A Good Feeling
Remix by Dimitri
6:24 120 BPM
B1 On The Razor's Edge
Mixed by The Commission
1. Black Box 'Strike It Up'
2. Creative Thieves 'Nasty Rhythm'
3. Urban Soul 'Alright'
4. Definition Of Sound 'Wear Your Love'
5. Monie Love Vs Adeva 'Ring My Bell'
6. Collaps 'My Love'
7. True Faith 'Take Me Away'
8. Shawn Christopher 'Another Sleepless Night'
9. Alison Limerick 'Where Love Lives'
10. Richie Rich 'You Used To Salsa'
11. Brothers In Rhythm 'Such A Good Feeling'
12. KLF 'Make It Rain'
10:57 116-122 BPM
B2 DJ Jingles