DMC CD40 Party Classics 1

1-01 ABBA Megamix (Greatest Mix)
The Master
1-02 Motown Dance Party
Tom Newton & Guy Garrett
1-03 Elvis Presley Megamix
Brian Butler & Sharon Fisher
1-04 It's Party Time!
The Party Jox
1-05 The Beach Boys Megamix
Brian Butler
1-06 Hot Hot Hot Mix
Rod Layman
1-07 Silly Seasons Part 4
The Showstoppers
2-01 Steps Megamix
Tom Newton
2-02 The Wedding Mix
Nick Tasker
2-03 Bee Gees Megamix (Dance)
Tom 'Timestretch' Newton
2-04 The Soul Set Part 1
Guy Garrett
2-05 Rock Party!
Steve Moore
2-06 Now That's What I Call A Hit Mix-Guitarmara Mix
Brian Butler
2-07 Blockbuster Party Megamix
Guy Garrett
2-08 Sunshine Party Mix
Guy Garrett