DMC 103 Mixes 3

Date:Aug 1991
A1 Shades Of Rhythm The Sound Of Eden
Remixed by Mike Gray, Keyboards by Jon Pearn
6:09 127 BPM
A2 Smooth As Silk (Steve Silk Hurley Mix)
Mixed by Simon Manktelow & Chris Williams
1. Jamie Principle 'Date With The Rain'
2. Mantromix 'Got To Have Your Love'
3. Jomanda 'Got A Love For You'
4. Steve Silk Hurley 'Jack Your Body'
5. DSK 'What Would We Do'
6. Keith Nunnally 'Seasons Of Love'
7. Inner City 'Good Life'
8. Jm Silk 'I Can't Turn Around'
9:25 119-122 BPM
B1 DJ Professor & F. Zappala We Gotta Do It
Remixed by D.J. Professor
5:53 117 BPM
B2 August Dance
Mixed by Brian Butler
1. Awesome 3 'Freedom Of Life'
2. Crystal Waters 'Makin Happy'
3. Shola 'Hold On'
4. Cool 2 'Kinda Groovy'
5. Utah Saints 'What Can You Do For Me'
6. DSK 'What Would We Do'
7. Unity 'Unity'
8. 808 State 'Lift'
9. Shades Of Rhythm 'Sound Of Eden'
9:29 122-126 BPM