DMC 104 Mixes 1

Date:Sep 1991
A1 Spandau Ballet Megamix
Mixed by Paul Dakeyne
1. Spandau Ballet 'Chant No. 1'
2. Spandau Ballet 'Lifeline'
3. Spandau Ballet 'Instinction'
4. Spandau Ballet 'Gold'
5. Spandau Ballet 'To Cut A Long Story Short'
6. Spandau Ballet 'Communication'
7. Spandau Ballet 'True'
9:34 120-153 BPM
A2 PJB feat. Hannah & Her Sisters Bridge Over Troubled Water
Remix, additional production performed and engineered by Philip Kelsey
5:55 122.5 BPM
B1 Utah Saints What Can You Do For Me
Remixed by Mike Gray, Keyboards by Jon Pearn
5:06 125 BPM
B2 DSK What Would We Do
The Soma Mix / Remixed by Orde Meikle & Stuart MacMillian for Slam Productions, Engineered by Glen, Jim, Ross and Shug
5:54 122 BPM