DMC 104 Mixes 2

Date:Sep 1991
A1 Berlin Take My Breath Away
Drum 'N' Bass Turntable Remix by Paul Dakeyne
5:05 100 BPM
A2 Arthur Baker & The Back Beat Disciples feat. Lee Johnson Let There Be Love
The Criminal Mix / Remixed by Daniele 'Mad DJ' Duracell, Arranged and played by Alex B
5:10 120.5 BPM
B1 Reese Project Direct Me
Dead Funky Remix by Paul Dakeyne
5:46 130 BPM
B2 September Dance
Mixed by The Transfer
1. Culture Beat 'No Deeper Meaning'
2. Rozlyne Clarke 'Dancin Is Like Makin Love'
3. Members Of The House 'These Are My People'
4. Roundabout 'Just Dance For Me'
5. R & D Dept. 'Energise'
6. Barracuda 'Party Time'
10:26 122-124 BPM