DMC 107 Mixes 3

Date:Dec 1991
A1 Bucks Fizz The Land Of Make Believe
The Dub Of Disbelief / Remix, additional production and instrumentation by the Disco Brothers for Gem Productions
6:44 120.5 BPM
A2 Piano Power '91
A plethora of pearls promoting the perfection of the pumpin' pianoforte. Mixed by Brian Butler
11:44 121-125 BPM
B1 Love Decade So Real
Remixed by Dimitri & Bibi aka The Groovebusters
6:39 123.5 BPM
B2 Dance '91
A celebration of dance music's domination of the charts in 1991. Mixed by Rod Layman with the help of Jason Elliott
12:33 100-123 BPM