DMC 108 Mixes 1

Date:Jan 1992
A1 Ce Ce Peniston We Got A Love Thang
The Factory Jam / Yet Another Remix and Production Adventure with Brothers In Rhythm
6:12 120.5 BPM
A2 Kym Sims Too Blind To See It
The Soma Mix / Remix and additional production by Orde Meikle & Stuart MacMillan for SLAM Productions, Engineering and additional instrumentation by Jim Muotune and Glen Gibbons
5:36 97 BPM
B1 James Brown I Got You (I Feel Good)
Dakeyne meets The Godfather
5:15 132 BPM
B2 The Belgian Massive House Construction
Mixed and arranged by Kris Kastaar with the late night help of Franky Jones
1. L.A. Style 'James Brown Is Dead'
2. RTZ 'Dance Your Ass Off'
3. Holy Noise 'James Brown Is Still Alive'
4. 2 Unlimited 'Get Ready For This'
5. DJPC 'Inssomniak'
6. Chimo Bayo 'Asi Me Gusta A Mi'
7. Holy Noise 'Get Down Everybody'
8. Ottorongo '5 O'clock My Ass, Let's Tango'
9. Praga Kahn 'Injected With A Poison'
6:58 125 BPM