DMC 109 Underground Selection

Date:Feb 1992
A1 T Connection Do What You Wanna Do
The C-Bounce Mix / Remix, additional production & instrumentation by Disco Bros for Gem Productions
5:59 119 BPM
A2 Lifeforce Dancin' In The Key Of Love
The Supernatural Remix / Remixed by Andrew Livingstone
6:47 124 BPM
B1 JM Silk Let The Music Take Control
'92 Remix by Greed
5:22 120 BPM
B2 Chic Chic Mystique
The Taramasalata & Jam Dub / Remixed off the self by Brothers In Rhythm
6:39 121 BPM
B3 People Get Ready Be My Friend
Friendly Re-Creation by Chad Jackson
5:31 92 BPM