DMC 110 Commercial Collection

Date:Mar 1992
A1 Chic Mixtique
Mixed and engineered by Rod Layman
1. Chic 'Chic Cheer'
2. Chic 'Good Times'
3. Chic 'I Want Your Love'
4. Chic 'Le Freak'
5. Chic 'Dance Dance Dance'
6. Chic 'Everybody Dance'
9:58 115-126 BPM
A2 Madness One Mix Beyond
A Nutty Mix from Unique Productions
1. Madness 'My Girl'
2. Madness 'Our House'
3. Madness 'Driving In My Car'
4. Madness 'House Of Fun'
5. Madness 'Tomorrow's Just Another Day'
6. Madness 'Baggy Trousers'
7. Madness 'Return Of Los Palmas Seven'
8. Madness 'Night Boat To Cairo'
9. Madness 'Shut Up'
10. Madness 'Embarrassment'
11. Madness 'One Step Beyond'
12. Madness 'Grey Day'
13. Madness 'It Must Be Love'
10:05 120-154 BPM
B1 The Banana Collective Banana Splits
Created by The Banana Man
5:00 135 BPM
B2 The Ecstasy Selection
The happy face of hardcore brought to you by The Beserker
9:58 136 BPM