DMC 114 Commercial Collection

Date:Jul 1992
A1 Inner City The Praise Celebration
Mixed and engineered by Rod Layman
1. Inner City 'Hallelujah'
2. Inner City 'Pennies From Heaven'
3. Inner City 'Let It Reign'
4. Inner City 'Praise'
5. Inner City 'Unity'
7:57 117-126 BPM
A2 Suburban Base: Sound Of The Phuture
Running Tings: The Beserker
1. Rachel Wallace 'Tell Me Why'
2. Austin 'I Get High'
3. Phuture Assassins 'Shot Like Dis'
4. Phuture Assassins 'Phuture Sound'
5. Timebase 'Unity'
6. Timebase 'Fireball'
7. Q Bass 'Dancing People'
8. Q Bass 'Hardcore Will Never Die'
9. Kromozone 'The Rush'
10. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era 'Far Out'
11. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era 'Higher'
12. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era 'Further Out'
13. Runtings 'Fires Burning'
14. M&M 'Don't Stand In My Way'
15. M&M 'I Wanna Make You Happy'
7:15 136 BPM
B1 Alexander O'Neal Alexander O'Neal's Greatest Mix
Mixed by The Commission at Unique Productions
1. Alexander O'Neal 'Hearsay'
2. Alexander O'Neal 'Never Knew Love Like This'
3. Alexander O'Neal 'All True Man'
4. Alexander O'Neal 'The Lovers'
5. Alexander O'Neal 'Fake'
6. Alexander O'Neal 'What's Missing'
7. Alexander O'Neal 'What Is This Thing Called Love'
8. Alexander O'Neal 'Criticise'
9. Alexander O'Neal 'What Can I Say To Make You Love Me'
11:23 103-116 BPM