DMC 256 Club Cuts

Date:May 2004
A1 Beyonce Naughty Girl
Deep And Wild DMC Classic House Mix / Remixed by Sandeep (UK) & Wild Bill (USA)
130 BPM
A2 DJ Casper Cha Cha Slide
Leebro Mix / Remixed by Lee Brotherton @ The Remix Factory
134 BPM
B1 Smith & Wesson 'Pleasuredome'
Created by Smith & Wesson, Produced and Mixed by Les Hemstock & Chris Jennings, Keyboards by Ric Scott
1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Welcome To The Pleasuredome'
2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood 'Relax'
3. Sagitairre 'Shout'
4. Human League 'Love Action (I Believe In Love)'
5. Yazoo 'Situation'
6. Duran Duran 'Wild Boys'
7. Tears For Fears 'Mad World'
8. Eurythmics 'Who's That Girl'
142 BPM
B2 Destiny's Child Vs Sister Sledge (Two Tracker)
Mixed by Miles Tighe & Rob B.
1. Sister Sledge 'We Are Family'
2. Destiny’s Child 'Independent Woman'
112 BPM