DMC 51 The Mixes 2

Date:Apr 1987
A1 Disrespectable
MegaMixer: Alan 'Koolthard'
1. Mel & Kim 'Respectable'
2. Steve 'Silk' Hurley 'Jack The Groove'
3. J.M. Silk 'Let The Music Take Control'
4. Robbie Nevil 'Dominoes'
5. The Jets 'Crush On You'
6. Kim Wilde & Junior 'Another Step (Closer To You)'
7. Level 42 'Running In The Family'
8. Curiosity Killed The Cat 'Ordinary Day'
10:41 123-126 BPM
A2 Hot Chocolate Two In A Bed
MegaMixer: Ben Liebrand
1. Hot Chocolate 'You Sexy Thing (Remix)'
2. Hot Chocolate 'Every 1's A Winner (Remix)'
8:08 107.5 BPM
B1 Billy Idol Don't Need A Gun
Idolised / Remixed by Sanny X
5:51 139 BPM
B2 Bodymix
MegaMixer: Mike Gray, Extra percussion & keyboard programmed by Mike Gray
1. Hot Streak 'Bodywork'
2. Toney Lee 'Reach Up'
3. Mike & Brenda Sutton 'Don't Let Go Of Me'
4. Steve 'Silk' Hurley 'Jack Your Body'
5. The Strikers 'Body Music'
6. UK Players 'Everybody Get Up'
7. Odyssey 'Use It Up And Wear It Out'
8. Eileen Fowler 'Family Keep Fit'
7:19 120-124 BPM
B3 The Gibson Brothers Cuba
Cubix / Remixed by Bizzie Bee
5:24 122 BPM