DMC 52 The Mixes 1

Date:May 1987
A1 Mantronix Mantronix To The Groove
Jams layed by Chad Jackson, Rhythmedits sliced by The Edit-Terrorists
1. Mantronix 'Needle To The Groove'
2. Mantronix 'Ladies'
3. Mantronix 'Get Stupid "Fresh"'
4. Mantronix 'Hardcore Hip-Hop'
5. Mantronix 'Fresh Is The Word'
6. Mantronix 'Electronic Energy Of...'
7. Mantronix 'Listen To The Bass...'
8. Mantronix 'Scream'
9. Mantronix 'We Control The Dice'
10. Mantronix 'Big Band Big-Boy'
11. Mantronix 'Who Is It?'
10:53 95-102 BPM
A2 Pop Mix
MegaMixer: Bizzie Bee
1. Madonna 'La Isla Bonita'
2. Tina Charles 'I Love To Love'
3. Hot Chocolate 'Sexy Thing (Bonus Beats)'
4. Steinski 'We'll Be Right Back'
5. Prince 'Sign O The Times'
6. Sly & Robbie 'Boops'
7. Terence Trent D'Arby 'If You Let Me Stay'
8:08 101-103 BPM
B1 Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me)
Remembered / Remixed by Dakeyne
7:12 110.5 BPM
B2 Janet Jackson Let's Wait Awhile
Remixed by Ben Liebrand
5:41 86.5 BPM
B3 Herb Alpert Keep Your Eye On Me
Keep Your Rap On Me / Remixed by Peter Slaghuis, Rap by Extince
5:29 114 BPM