DMC 57 The Mixes 2

Date:Oct 1987
A1 Rugged An' Raw
Jams layed by Chad Jackson, Sliced by The Edit Terrorists
1. Kings Of Pressure 'You Know How To Reach Us'
2. U.T.F.O. 'Mo' Bass'
3. U.T.F.O. 'Lethal'
4. Criminal Element Orchestra 'Put The Needle On The Record'
5. Yellowman 'Strong Me Strong'
6. Ice T 'Squeeze The Trigger'
7. Dana Dane 'Cinderfella'
8. D.J. Groove 'Get Busy'
9. Superlover Cee & Casanova Rub 'Do The James'
10. Public Enemy 'Rebel Without A Pause'
11. Black Britain 'Real Life'
12. Mantronix 'Screams'
13. Chad Jackson 'Hunter'
14. Bobby Byrd 'Hot Pants'
15. M/A/R/R/S 'Anitina'
6:00 89-108 BPM
A2 L.A.'s Hot
Megamixer: Les 'The Mixdoctor' Adams
1. Michael Jackson 'Bad'
2. Wham 'Bad Boys'
3. The Muppets 'Muppet Show'
4. Rick Astley 'Never Gonna Give You Up'
5. M/A/R/R/S 'Pump Up The Volume'
6. Wally Jump Jr. & The Criminal Element 'Tighten Up / I Just Can't Stop Dancing'
7. Was Not Was 'Spy In The House Of Love'
8. Madonna 'Causing A Commotion (Movie House Mix)'
9. Blue Mercedes 'Property Street (Latin Wolfe Mix)'
10. Chic 'Jack Le Freak'
10:50 114-121 BPM
B1 House Of Dance
Megamixer: Mike Gray
1. L.A. Mix 'Don't Stop (Jammin')'
2. Jellybean 'The Real Thing'
3. Madonna 'Causing A Commotion'
4. Jack E. Makossa 'The Opera House'
5. The Jams 'Whitney Joins The Jams'
6. Housemaster Boyz 'House Nation'
7. Fat Boys 'Wipe Out'
9:10 115-126 BPM
B2 The Classic Remixes
Megamixer: Mike Gray
1. Tina Charles 'I Love To Love'
2. Tavares 'Whodunit'
3. Marshall Hain 'Dancing In The City'
4. The Real Thing 'Can't Get By Without You'
5. Hot Chocolate 'You Sexy Thing'
6. Tavares 'More Than A Woman'
7. Candi Station 'Young Hearts Run Free'
8. Tavares 'Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel'
9. Third World 'Now That We've Found Love'
10. Chic 'Jack Le Freak'
10:25 102-121 BPM