DMC 62 The Mixes 1

Date:Mar 1988
A1 Pet Shop Boys The Dance Mix
MegaMixer: Mike Gray
1. Pet Shop Boys 'West End Girls'
2. Pet Shop Boys feat. Dusty Springfield 'What Have I Done To Deserve This'
3. Pet Shop Boys 'Heart'
4. Pet Shop Boys 'Always On My Mind'
5. Pet Shop Boys 'Suburbia'
9:38 117-128 BPM
A2 Bad Mouthin'
MegaMixer: Bizzie Bee, Special thanks to Dotty B, Tommy & Friends
1. Peer Gynt 'Morning Suite'
2. Krush 'House Arrest'
3. Paul Nicholas 'Grandma's Party'
4. J.M. Silk 'Let The Music Take Control'
5. Living In A Box 'Love Is The Art'
6. Rough Club 'Bad Times'
7. White Knight 'Gotta Jack'
8. Two Men, A Drum Machine And A Trumpet 'I'm Tired Of Being Pushed Around'
6:25 117 BPM
B1 Nitro Deluxe Let's Get Brutal
The Digital Remix / Remixed by Dakeyne
7:56 115 BPM
B2 Let's Hear It For The Girls
MegaMixer: Les Adams
1. Kylie Minogue 'I Should Be So Lucky'
2. Taylor Dayne 'Tell It To My Heart'
3. Debbie Gibson 'Shake Your Love'
4. Krush feat. Ruth Joy 'House Arrest (The Beat Is Law)'
5. Bananarama 'I Can't Help It (Remix)'
6. Mel & Kim 'That's The Way It Is'
7. Tiffany 'I Think We're Alone Now'
11:03 116-130 BPM