DMC 64 The Mixes 1

Date:May 1988
A1 New Order Megamix
MegaMixer: Dakeyne
1. New Order 'True Faith'
2. New Order 'Confusion'
3. New Order 'Bizarre Love Triangle'
4. New Order 'Sub-Culture'
5. New Order 'Blue Monday'
10:34 119-131 BPM
A2 Flare Groove
Revived by Mike Gray
1. Odyssey 'Native New Yorker'
2. K.C. & The Sunshine Band 'That's The Way I Like It'
3. Rose Royce 'Car Wash'
4. Heatwave 'Boogie Nights'
5. Fatback Band '(Do The) Spanish Hustle'
9:36 111-123 BPM
B1 Pet Shop Boys Heart
X-Tended Heart Beats / Remixed by Sanny X
5:16 122 BPM
B2 Narada Michael Walden Mixed Emotions
Mixed by Alan Coulthard
1. Narada Michael Walden 'Divine Emotions'
2. Narada Michael Walden 'I Shoulda Loved Ya'
6:52 117 BPM
B3 House Of Fun
MegaMixer: Bizzie Bee
1. Bam Bam 'Give It To Me'
2. T Cut F 'House Reaction'
3. Mayday 'Nude Photo 88'
4. Capella 'Push The Beat'
5. M Doc 'It's Percussion'
6. White Knight 'Gotta Jack'
7. Risse 'House Train'
8. Gangsters Of House '(There Was) Something Going On'
9. Sheik Fawaz 'Mohammed's House'
10. Paul French 'This House Is Your House'
11. Todd Terry Project 'Back To The Beat'
12. Black Riot 'Warlock'
13. Todd Terry Project 'Bango'
5:09 120-121 BPM