DMC 66 Mixes 1

Date:Jul 1988
A1 Derek B Megamix
MegaMixer: Les Adams
1. Derek B 'Good Groove'
2. Derek B 'Power Move'
3. Derek B 'Bad Young Brother'
4. Derek B 'Human Time Bomb'
5. Derek B 'All City'
6. Derek B 'Get Down'
7. Derek B 'We've Got The Juice'
7:52 97-120 BPM
A2 Beat Repeat
MegaMixer: Bizzie Bee, Compiled by Mark Clark
1. Go 'Disco Nights'
2. Ripple 'The Beat Goes On And On'
3. Double Exposure 'Ten Percent'
4. The Tramps 'Disco Inferno'
5. Chuck Cissel 'Cisselin Hot'
6. Harry Thumann 'Underwater'
10:31 126-130 BPM
B1 Bill Withers A Lovely Day
Remixed by Ben Liebrand
6:28 99 BPM
B2 Icarus Stone Fox Chase
Remixed by Dakeyne
6:59 111 BPM
B3 Technocutz
A Mixbusters Production
1. Royal House 'Can You Party'
2. Reese & Santonio 'The Sound (Dakeyne Remix)'
3. Ten City 'Right Back To You'
4. Inner City 'Big Fun'
5. Black Riot 'A Day In The Life Of'
6:13 123.5 BPM