DMC 66 Mixes 2

Date:Jul 1988
A1 Bros Twin Spin
MegaMixer: Alan Coulthard
1. Bros 'I Owe You Nothing'
2. Bros 'When Will I Be Famous'
8:05 124 BPM
A2 Sabrina Boys
Remixed by Peter Slaghuis
7:49 120 BPM
A3 Coldcut Crew Off To Work
Mixed by The Ahead Of Our Time Orchestra
3:39 99 BPM
B1 Matt Bianco Wap Bam Boogie
Remixed by Sanny X
5:19 120 BPM
B2 Rakim Vs Kane
Refereed by Chad Jay
1. Eric B & Rakim 'Follow The Leader'
2. Big Daddy Kane 'Raw'
6:31 114 BPM
B3 Ample Sample
Constructive ideas by Mike Gray
1. Sharon Redd 'Love How You Feel'
2. Sinnamon 'Thanks To You'
3. I Level 'Give Me'
4. The Strikers 'Inch By Inch'
5. Candela 'Love You Madly'
7:34 117 BPM