DMC 68 Mixes 2

Date:Sep 1988
A1 Whitney Houston Love Will Save The Day
Underground Mix / Remixed by Jellybean & Dave Morales
7:26 118 BPM
A2 Rick Astley She Wants To Dance With Me
Remixed by Dave Ford for PWL
4:57 120 BPM
A3 Rochelle My Magic Man
The Megamix II / Mixed by The Mixbusters
6:38 114 BPM
B1 Blondie Heart Of Glass
The House Of Glass / Remixed by Alan Coulthard
5:56 120.5 BPM
B2 Hot House
MegaMixer: Dakeyne
1. Swan Lake 'In The Name Of Love'
2. Wee Papa Girl Rappers 'Heat It Up'
3. Groove 'Hijack The Beat'
4. Royal House 'Can You Party'
5. Mr Lee 'Pump Up London'
6. Alaska 'Bailando'
7. Coldcut 'Not Paid Enough'
8. Terry Baldwin 'Do You Wanna Dance'
9. Kraftwerk 'Numbers'
10. Inner City 'Big Fun'
11. Jolly Rancher 'Acid Man'
9:58 123-127 BPM
B3 Petula Clark Downtown '88
Remixed by Peter Slaghuis
5:13 117 BPM