DMC 69 Mixes 1

Date:Oct 1988
A1 Whitney Houston Lovemix
MegaMixer: Bizzie Bee
1. Whitney Houston 'Didn't We Almost Have It All'
2. Whitney Houston 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go'
3. Whitney Houston 'Greatest Love Of All'
4. Whitney Houston 'Saving All My Love'
5. Whitney Houston 'One Moment In Time'
9:42 64-77 BPM
A2 Can You Feel It! (A Tribute To Todd)
MegaMixer: Les Adams
1. Royal House 'Can You Party'
2. Royal House 'Party People'
3. Todd Terry Project 'Weekend'
4. Todd Terry Project 'Just Wanna Dance'
5. Black Riot 'A Day In The Life'
6. Swan Lake 'In The Name Of Love'
7:07 124 BPM
B1 Mix-Latino!
Mixed by Dakeyne
1. New York Sensation 'Hooked On You'
2. Shannon 'Let The Music Play'
3. Denise Lopez 'Sayin' Sorry (Don't Make It Right)'
4. The Cover Girls 'Show Me'
5. Noel 'Silent Morning'
6. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force 'I Wonder If I Take You Home'
7. Beat Club 'Security'
8. Bomb The Bass 'Don't Make Me Wait'
9. Sa-Fire 'Let Me Be The One'
10. Expose 'Point Of No Return'
11. FFWD 'Baby Don't Go'
12. Company B 'Fascinated'
10:35 118-121 BPM
B2 All The Way Hyped
Vinyl Assassin Chad Jay, A Cold MCR Production
1. MC Tee & Lord Tasheem 'Gangster Nine'
2. Superlover Cee 'I Gotta Good Thing'
3. Kid 'N Play 'Gittin' Funky'
4. Eric B & Rakim 'Lyrics Of Fury'
5. The 45 King '900 Number'
6. Mantronix 'King Of The Beats'
7. Ice T 'Power'
8. Marley Marl 'Simon Says'
9. Sugar Bear 'Don't Scandalize Mine'
7:01 100-116 BPM