DMC 70 Mixes 2

Date:Nov 1988
A1 Yazz Yaccid
MegaMixer: Alan Coulthard
1. Yazz 'The Only Way Is Up'
2. Yazz 'Stand Up For Your Rights'
5:49 124 BPM
A2 Electra Jibaro
Remixed by Ben Liebrand
7:47 110 BPM
A3 Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True
Remixed by Sanny X
5:50 99 BPM
B1 The Belgique Beat (The New Beat)
Mixed by Peter Slaghuis
1. Space Opera 'Mandate My Ass'
2. Arbeit Adelt 'Disco Death'
3. Neon Judgement 'Neon Judgment II'
4. West Bam 'Monkey Say Monkey Do'
5. Amnesia 'Ibiza'
6. L&O 'Even Now'
7. Mac Sample 'House Inspector'
8. Spock Jr. 'Acid Alien'
9. Major Problem 'Acid Queen'
10. Confettis 'The Sound Of C (The Hithouse Remix)'
8:07 112 BPM
B2 Eric B & Rakim Put Your Hands Together
Remixed by The Mixbusters
6:43 111.5 BPM
B3 Full House
Mixed by Bizzie Bee
3:56 124 BPM