DMC 85 Mixes 2

Date:Feb 1990
A1 Guns N' Roses Megamix
Mixed by Sanny X
1. Guns N' Roses 'Paradise City'
2. Guns N' Roses 'My Michelle'
3. Guns N' Roses 'Welcome To The Jungle'
4. Guns N' Roses 'Sweet Child O' Mine'
6:27 98-124 BPM
A2 FBI Project feat. Rich In Paradise Going Back To My Roots
Remixed by Mike Gray, Additional keyboards by Jon Pearn
5:30 122 BPM
A3 Kym Mazelle Was That All It Was
Remixed by Peter Hinds
4:21 123.5 BPM
B1 Skipworth & Turner Thinking About Your Love
The Rekindled Flame / Remix, arrangement and all instrumentation by Steve Anderson
6:28 106 BPM
B2 Culture Beat Der Erdbeermund
Remixed by Ben Liebrand
8:00 118 BPM
B3 In Deep Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Complete reproduction & mix by Dimitri
7:26 110 BPM