DMC 92 Mixes 1

Date:Sep 1990
A1 Duran Duran Megamix
Mixed by Dakeyne
1. Duran Duran 'Notorious'
2. Duran Duran 'Wild Boys'
3. Duran Duran 'Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over)'
4. Duran Duran 'All She Wants Is'
5. Duran Duran 'A View To A Kill'
6. Duran Duran 'Is There Something I Should Know'
7. Duran Duran 'Reflex'
11:45 108-126 BPM
A2 Satellite 120
Mixed by The Commission
8:27 118-120 BPM
B1 Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe Sun Worshippers
The Eye Of Heaven / Remix, arrangement and all instrumentation by Steve Anderson
6:31 98.5 BPM
B2 Yellow Magic Orchestra Firecracker
Remixed by Ben Liebrand
6:35 121.5 BPM
B3 Harriet Temple Of Love
Remixed by Bruce Forest, Additional keyboards by Phil Kelsey, Engineered by Andy Hughes
9:15 115 BPM