DMC 91 Mixes 2

Date:Aug 1990
A1 Innocence Silent Voice
The Edge Of Darkness / Remix and arrangement by Steve Anderson
7:30 103 BPM
A2 Native Tongues
Mixed by The Commision
1. Queen Latifah & Monie Love 'Ladies First'
2. De La Soul & Monie Love 'Buddy'
3. 3rd Bass 'Gas Face'
4. Queen Latifah & De La Soul 'Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children'
5. Jungle Bros 'What U Waitin 4'
6. Queen Latifah & Coldcut 'Find A Way'
7. Monie Love 'Monie In The Middle'
10:00 102-112 BPM
B1 Gary's Gang Keep On Dancing
Remixed by Mike Gray, Additional keyboards by Jon Pearn
5:55 124 BPM
B2 Heart & Soul
Mixed by Alun Harrison & Graham Simmons
1. Seduction 'Heartbeat'
2. Soul II Soul 'Dreams A Dream'
3. Eric B & Rakim 'I Know You Got Soul'
4. Soul II Soul 'Back To Life'
5. Change 'Change Of Heart'
6. Queen Latifah 'Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children'
7. Madonna 'Open Your Heart'
8. Taylor Dayne 'Tell It To My Heart'
9. Afrika Bambaataa 'Planet Rock'
10:20 100-124 BPM