DMC 76 Mixes 2

Date:May 1989
A1 Bobby Brown Minimix
Mixed by Bizzie Bee
1. Bobby Brown 'Every Little Step'
2. Bobby Brown 'Don't Be Cruel'
3. Bobby Brown 'My Prerogative'
4:55 103-108 BPM
A2 May Rap
Mixed by Waxmaster Easy
1. Mc Shan 'Juice Crew Law'
2. Black Radical 'Monsoon'
3. Dismasters 'Black & Proud'
4. De La Soul 'Say No Go'
5. De La Soul 'Me, Myself & I'
6. Eazy E 'I'm Break It Down'
7. Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip 'Rhythm Is The Master'
8. 45 King & Lakim Shabazz 'The Red The Black The Green'
9. Lakim Shabazz 'Pure Righteousness'
10. Big Daddy Kane 'Rap Summary'
11. Ace And Action 'Letter To The Better'
7:05 108-117 BPM
A3 Paula Abdul Knocked Out
Remixed by Sanny X
5:40 116 BPM
B1 Hip House
MegaMixed by The Commission
1. Doug Lazy 'Let It Roll'
2. Beatmasters feat. Cookie Crew 'Rok Da House'
3. Beatmasters feat. Mc Merlin 'Who's In The House'
4. KC Flight 'Planet E'
5. Toni Scott 'That's How I’m Living'
6. MD Emm feat. Nasih 'Get Hip To This'
7. Tyree 'Turn Up The Bass'
8. JJ Fadd 'Supersonic'
9. Cookie Crew 'Got To Keep On'
8:41 120-128 BPM
B2 Alyson Williams My Love Is So Raw
Raw And Cooked / Prepared by Steve Anderson at Gas Mark 20
6:18 108 BPM